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Internal Struggles and External Forces

I’ve been learning more about binary lately, for work, but real life isn’t on or off. Sometimes it is in between or other. Tonight I am (hopefully) seeing The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye at The Walker Art Center:

In her first feature-length documentary, Marie Losier uncovers the fascinating love story between Genesis P-Orridge—the iconic figure behind pre- and post-punk groups Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV—and Lady Jaye, née Jacqueline Breyer. Partners in life and art for nearly 15 years, the couple expressed their devotion through their “Creating the Pandrogyne” project, as each underwent a series of cosmetic procedures to merge their identities, becoming figures of a third gender incorporating both of their attributes. Losier followed the pair over the course of seven years, and the resulting film—The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye—is intimate, whimsical, moving, and riveting.

Five other interesting things:

Oh my poor son. His allergies are at their peak, which only lessens his already way low pre-teen enthusiasm for playing outside. Instead he wants to play video games all of the day and all of the night. But this Spring I’ve been forcing him out after school every day to at least take some laps around the block on his razor scooter. More recently I’ve been riding my new low rider on the street while he scoots on the sidewalk. Generally he seems to enjoy himself once he’s out there. But today? I was riding along right behind him when he WIPED OUT. I saw it happening in slo-mo. This was the first time ever. Somehow he made it to age 12 without ever skinning an elbow. And he nailed them both today. I got him inside and cleaned him up with our First Aid kit. He’s resting comfortably now, with cats (that’s a link to our friends’ new cat blog) and…a video game. While insisting he’ll never ride his scooter again. Some days his obstinacy - more than his autism - really bums me out. For him life is all zeros and ones and, for the moment, he is definitely OFF the scooter.

Prostate at the Kitty Cat Klub

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