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Burning to the Wick

It was an exceptionally busy and wildly varied weekend, with family and friends. Kicked Friday off by receiving a cryptic message from my Dad. He made something for me. The kid and I raced out to the burbs to see what it was. It happened to be…a fully articulated Bill the Cat. Crafted from cardboard and duct tape. Growing up we often read Bloom County together. My wonderfully weird father has always come up with the most interesting creations. I need to be better about documenting his output. There was also a spontaneous trip up to Hinckley and back, for a family dinner (and some hot tub time). And taco time with the man friend at Midtown Global Market, while being serenaded by a dude playing a bouzouki. And the regular choose-your-own-adventure challenge of which shows to attend Friday, Saturday and Sunday (it was a hodge podge of four). It all wrapped up with some biking and backyard grilling with my boy.

Five good things for yet another Monday:

The week ahead promises to be just as busy as the weekend was, at work and outside of. One of these days I’m going to force myself to take some downtime. Lock myself up in my apartment and sit still for a spell. But that day isn’t happening anytime soon.

Bill the Cat, and my boy

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