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Between Consensus and Antagonism

Today has been a quiet day, aside from the delivery of my new (super marked down and super comfortable) boots from, but yesterday? That was an unexpectedly silly day at work. First with birthday cake and the company’s president giving the managing director a buck on a bike, and then fun with emergency vehicles!

Five other fantastic things:

Now for a tragic thing, with a slightly hopeful twist. From my dear friend Manny:

Last month some friends experienced a tragedy when their house caught fire. One of our friends lost his life while waking his housemates. A tremendous burden is left for these folks as they try to recover and rebuild their lives. Here is my contribution. I will be offering my hair for benefit. On May 10th I will shave my head if that is the will of the most donations.

Send money to and I will not shave my head.
Send money to and I will publicly shave my head at the Turf Club on May 10th, 2012.

All proceeds will go to help out the these folks.


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