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The Heart of American Ambivalence

My long birthday weekend was pleasant, even without a gathering of friends. Likewise, the 4th of July weekend. Which is a bullshit holiday to begin with. But while many of us are sticking to the recommended social distancing guidelines, my social media feeds were, disappointingly, full of people partying in close proximity to one another without wearing masks. And that is why this stupid country is still seeing 50,000 new cases of the coronavirus daily. It’s exhausting.

Since social distancing began, the two things that have helped me the most have been 1) filling our home with houseplants and 2) taking long walks around green space in our neighborhood, whatever the weather. Unfortunately, we’ve been experiencing a humid heatwave with very poor air quality. For days on end, and with no end in sight. It has been getting to me. We needed a change of scenery so I reserved the first spot to walk through the Como Conservatory yesterday morning. It was muggy but worth it. Reservations are required, as are masks. The paths are one-way. And we hardly saw any other visitors. I highly recommend it. On our way out I noticed their gift shop sells plants! But my son reminded me I don’t need any more. We are full up. For now.

my son, wearing a mask, in the fern room at the Como Conservatory
Me, in a mask, in Como Conservatory fern room
pretty sky over the Japanese Gardens
large leaves

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