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Playing for Time

Here we go again. My birthday is tomorrow. It’s not a big one but my age will be a prime number. Last year I was anxious about buying and moving into this condo with my son, and our senior cats. Despite what has happened since, the condo turned out to be the best move for us. We’re still in the city where we can have groceries and the occasional meal delivered. But it’s not a very densely populated part. There’s plenty of nearby green space for walks. We have high speed internet. I could never have predicted what 2020 would bring. Including headlines like:

So much facepalming. But I did sign off on last year’s post with “I’ve got to keep my chin up and find joy where I can.” That’s never been more true. Some things that have been bringing me joy lately:

Like many I’ve been struggling to strike a balance. Cutting down on my doom scrolling while remaining informed and actively engaged in critical conversations. It’s hard. But for tomorrow I have taken some time off from work and will enjoy myself while acknowledging the strange year I’ve just experienced. Earlier in the year we had planned a two-week trip through the Pacific Northwest for June. We were slated to be in Vancouver, British Columbia tomorrow. Instead we will wake up at home, like every other day. But this day will involve dragging the kid for a stroll around the MN Landscape Arboretum, picking up a custom vegan cheesecake order from Muddy Paws, retrieving our first CSA box of the season, and watching the new Adventure Time: Distant Lands series on HBO. Not the worst welcome to 47.

My hot drowned-rat-during-a-pandemic lewk
Aperol Spritz
My son, wearing a mask, at Gooseberry Falls
Plants on top of a bookshelf with a large ceramic cat

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