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The Architect of My Own Joy

My birthday is tomorrow. Live long enough and you’ll see patterns repeat. This time last year I was seriously ill and about to move. This past week or so I’ve been under the weather - not so acutely, thankfully, but a lingering headache is wearing me out - while also preparing for yet another move that involves a great degree of uncertainty. Hopefully the last move for a good long while. I’ve made the tough decision to buy property again. For the first time since 1999. And it’s all coming back to me. The anxiety and stress of making an offer, coming up with earnest money, all the paperwork, getting the financing approved, etc. Once again I’m wishing we could fast forward a few months to post-closing/moving. But I’ve just got to live through this. With what feels like an ulcer. Ultimately this will be for the best, to have a more permanent home base again for my son and me. And this time around it’s a maintenance-free condo in the perfect location (if it all works out) rather than a money pit of a house in a strange out of the way spot.

Five bits of relatable content:

Yesterday I shot a lovely wedding for a wonderful couple. This afternoon I’m leaving to pick up a friend and we’ll be staying overnight in a yurt for goth lady yurt party times. Tomorrow night I’ll be having my annual Pizza Farm birthday - even better this year because my actual birthday falls on a Tuesday again. And then my offspring returns from his 2+ weeks of West Coast adventures. I’ve got to keep my chin up and find joy where I can.

Gorgeous wedding cake

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