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The Body Is Not Permanent

My birthday wound up being one of the best I’ve had in a while, despite some stress and a few bummers (mainly my love life). Overall, I was able to focus on the fun times with friends. Two fantastic women spent the night with me in a yurt, surrounded by a field of fireflies. We could also see the constellations above. The next day we were treated to peak summer weather at the beach. Later on, we drove alongside Lake Pepin, stopped at Stockholm Pie Company and met up with a good-sized crew at Pizza Farm. All right, all right.

Five (of the many) Things On My Mind:

After my birthday adventures, I returned to work on Wednesday. And stayed way up too late Wednesday night, to retrieve my offspring from the airport. Whenever I think I’m not really that old I just need to take a look at him, with his big shaggy beard. Last week I turned 46 but he will be 20 soon. No longer a teenager. Yet another milestone I’m not quite ready for. But I don’t have a choice. The mad dash continues.

Beach Birthday
Birthday Yurt
Birthday girl - never too old for fun

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