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Dipping My Toe In

My son and I stayed in town over the long holiday weekend. We took a trip to the beach and to the movies to see Cars 2 (we needed to sit in a/c for a spell) and to a couple of BBQs. And without him I went out to see bands four nights in a row. I’m still recuperating and a little unsure of what day it is. But I do know that yesterday I left work mid-morning. Rushed home before the house was shown - more than two hours notice would be lovely - to really tidy the place up. But despite my efforts people haven’t bothered with leaving any feedback the last several showings, never mind showing any actual interest. It all feels so very futile. Foreclosure, here we come!

So how about five good things for whatever-the-heck-day-this-is:

Another busy-ish weekend lays ahead but with not quite so many shows. Maybe. (I wouldn’t mind getting to Gastro Non Grata’s Raconteur Rendezvous 2.) The annual Dragon Festival is being held at Lake Phalen. Some friends will be visiting from out of town. There will be brunch. And more beach time. And mini-golf. And maybe the drive-in. Hopefully this perfect weather will hold for a while longer.

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