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Orientation Of Impact

Sleep makes all the difference. Mistress of the obvious, I know, but it was so very necessary last night. I skipped out on all the shows I’d intended to attend (on my first kid-free evening) and forced myself to do a faceplant by 11pm instead. With the aid of magical melatonin I managed a blissful seven hours straight. Sadly I woke up with the headache still lingering but the edge was taken off a bit. It doesn’t hurt that the eagle has landed. The boy reached his destination yesterday, safely and on time, and seemed pleased as punch by having made the journey on his own. Now I can abstain from fretting about him…for a few days at least. And then I will start missing him like crazy and worrying that he’s homesick. But that’s what his new cell phone is for. Though I may need to remind him to use it.

A friend came over early this morning, on his day off, to mow my lawn (I have terrible luck with lawn mowers). So that’s another HUGE stressor off my list. Now to systematically attack the others in the mix. Starting with the kitchen sink. It’s been leaking more than I realized and everything in the cupboard below the sink is damp and molding away. Oh the joys of homeownership!

Thankfully it hasn’t been all suck this week. Tuesday’s happy hour with friends, at Tiger Sushi, was fun. As was last night’s book-making session at the Soap Factory. And today’s “Best Places to Workluncheon ridiculousness. Hopefully more good times lay ahead.

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