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Love Kept Leaking Out

In all of last weekend’s chaos I seem to have lost a blog post. A fully formed one. Unless I imagined the whole thing, which wouldn’t be terribly surprising I guess. I do think it involved sloths.

So my son has been away for a full week now. I’ve been all right, for the most part. Even if it feels like a piece of me is missing. If I dwell on it too much I do get bummed out. But I’ve managed to keep from calling him constantly. It seems a little weird to be shopping for his school supplies without him, and especially odd to be going to his new school tomorrow for the “meet the teacher” open house. But I have been trying to make the most of his absence. The boy is a picky eater and that can limit our options when we’re together. So last weekend I ate particularly well. Friday night the boyfriend and I shared an amazing meal with friends at Heartland. Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting a lovely wedding, with tasty catering by Chowgirls and delicious and gorgeous cakes by Cake Eater Bakery. Sunday morning we ate brunch at Meritage, followed by the Am-Rep Records BBQ and a bitcherlorette party. Monday night I hit up the Turf Club’s Spelling BeeBBQ, where I went down in the sixth round on Promethean. And missed Lady Gaga by a night. Apparently she stopped in for a drink after her Xcel Energy Center performance. I could have and maybe would have been there but I was exhausted from driving…after our pizza farm attempt was foiled by torrential downpours. That white knuckle drive through flash flooding along Lake Pepin was something else, but we were able to make the best of it by stopping for dinner at Norton’s, in Red Wing. Today I plan to stop by the Red Stag’s happy hour, and our weekend will be spent up North.

Five good things for today:

Sunday afternoon I will drive back down to the Twin Cities and retrieve my child from the airport. Provided Hurricane Earl doesn’t prevent him from flying home on time. And, if he’s feeling up to it, we will hit up the State Fair together on Monday.

my son is full of wow

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