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Where The Sea Meets The Sand

Like sands through the hourglass…summer camp has come to an end. Yet the school year doesn’t begin until September 7th. I hadn’t lined up any childcare (all my money went to summer camp) but the paternal grandparents, who now live off the coast of North Carolina, have kindly offered to take the kiddo for a while. About twelve days. Longer than we’ve ever been apart. The boy is super excited but I don’t know if the duration of his stay has really registered. Thankfully he seems not at all bothered by the prospect of flying alone. His biggest concern? Swimming with sharks! And he hasn’t even seen Jaws, that I know of.

In keeping with the nautical theme…dating isn’t smooth sailing under the best conditions. There will always be choppy waters, from time to time. But dating as a single parent? Inherently rougher seas. We’ll be zipping along, not a care in the world, when BAM. Collision course with half-hidden obstructions, calling for major maneuvering. This hasn’t sunk us yet but sometimes the effort of righting the boat is downright exhausting.

I’ll have quite a bit of grown-up time while my son is away but not much free time. Rather I will be working the day job and shooting two weddings, missing the AmRep Records 25th Anniversary Bash (but attending ancillary shows before and after it), having dinner with friends at the newly relocated Heartland, grabbing brunch with other friends from out of town, finally getting a pedicure (with an Aveda Institute Groupon), maybe going to the MN State Fair and who knows what else I can cram in there.

Five good things:

This weekend wound up being the calm in the middle of the storm. I skipped out on all the free music festivals and the garlic fest and the beach and the Scott Pilgrim movie and took advantage of the time to get back to basics instead - laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading, listing more items to etsy, and taking a break for a Sunday afternoon trip to the Bell Museum of Natural History (free on Sundays). Could have kept the momentum going for tonight’s Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como or to get out to one of the area drive-in theaters but nah, I’m enjoying the quiet too much.


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