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Accept the Mystery

Apparently I’m lacking in the spatial reasoning department. I took my son out to select a smallish fresh cut Christmas/Giftmas tree. And, just like every other year, we got it home only to realize it was MUCH larger all around than intended. This wasn’t as much of a problem at the big old house. But we’re working with closer quarters in our new place. In fact, the boy talked me into putting the tree up in his bedroom because it would be a tight squeeze anywhere else, and this way the cats can’t get at it. But in the middle of the night the tree fell over on its own (a friend remarked “That’s what you get for getting the tree drunk”). This woke my son up. Which woke me up. And interrupted sleep is particularly sad-making as I’m getting over a stupid cold. It was spreading like wildfire at work last week but didn’t strike me down until bedtime on Thanksgiving. What would have been a luxuriously long weekend was mostly spent uncomfortable and bored, in bed or on a couch, cursing my bad luck and the sad state of my social life. I’d intended to hang out with friends and get to the Turf Club Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Instead I went not at all. I did make a half-assed attempted at reading. And finally watched The Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man. And Super 8, which started out well (they nailed the period) but veered into schmaltzy territory. I did put pants on to leave the house, just long enough to see Scorsese’s Hugo. The boyfriend and I quite enjoyed it but my son found to be BORING. It must be the first kids movie in history to double as propaganda for classic film preservation. We also saw A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 3D. Without my son. Sure, my Dad dragged me to many a Cheech & Chong movie when I was a kid, but let’s just say we have different parenting styles.

On to five compelling things:

Tomorrow I hope to resume our usual routine. After getting a full night’s sleep. Uninterrupted by the middle of the night carousing of Christmas trees or any other sentient or non-sentient entities.

some more photos of our new home

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