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The Art of the Possible

It is December now. I am inching ever closer to the closing on the house. The buyer had the place inspected the other day. So far I haven’t heard anything. No news is good news? In actual news of the positive variety, the friends who have been occupying my old house have found an apartment for their little family to rent. A big relief all around. Now I just need to get through this month in one piece and then I can shuck off this crazyass year, with all of its ups and downs, and glide my way into a mellow 2012.

Five good things:

This weekend the No Coast Craft-O-Rama will be held, once again, at the Midtown Global Market. But I don’t do well in crowds and I’m broke anyhow. Instead I may unofficially begin to celebrate the Krampus tradition. If you’re in Chicago you should get to The Krampus Show. Some mighty fine Krampus art will be on display.

standing sentry

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