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This Must Be the Place

This morning we had company in our new home for the first time. Well, aside from the dozen or so friends tromping through on moving day, which doesn’t count as a relaxing gathering. And with the exception of the boyfriend, who isn’t company so much as a regular and honored guest, mostly on weekends. Oh and my Dad came by that one time a couple of Sundays ago. But that was mostly to loan me a mallet (for flat pack furniture assembly) and to replace my dead car battery with his fancy toolbox filled with socket wrenches and whatnot and with his fancy arms that are a much more reasonable and useful length than my short stubby T-Rex ones. I digress. So this morning I invited a handful of my favorite folks over for brunch. I made a spinach and cheese strata with a winter fruit salad, and hash browns. Guests brought doughnuts from A Baker’s Wife (I’d never had them before - they were quite good) and champagne for mimosas, and bloody mary mix to go with my vodka. After all that it wasn’t a terribly productive Sunday. For me anyhow.

Five other great things:

I am no longer day drunk. This is good. The lad and I have had dinner. And now I may finally hop in the shower, and contemplate catching Irregular Readings #5 at the Triple Rock. Unless I get sucked back into the Top Gear vortex. Not nearly as addictive as something like Boardwalk Empire or worse, Game of Thrones, which I still haven’t given into.

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  1. kjrsten wrote:

    I sure like that Viggo.

    Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 7:57 pm | Permalink

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