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Lions and Wizards Yet to Come

We’re not out of the woods yet. I’ve been trying so hard to stay positive but this last week has threatened to push me right over the edge. The unraveling began last Monday with bad news from my credit union. To keep the short sale alive I had to agree to a repayment plan with them (on top of my repayment plan with TCF). But now I’m waiting for yet more paperwork so we can proceed. And the closing is tentatively scheduled for the Friday before Christmas - less than two weeks away! And I’ve still got to do a final cleaning up at the house. We are cutting it close here, people.

Five non-stressful more interesting things:

There have been some good times in the last week. Saw Wilco with Nick Lowe. Attended the Social Science Masquerade at the Science Museum. Friday night we had another Clockwork game night where my son played ping pong and entertained himself with a lego game set (alas he didn’t have the concentration required for Kids Dungeon Adventure, a kid-style D&D game whose tagline is: “You bring the dungeon, we’ll bring the monsters.“) Yesterday the boy and I saw Aardman’s Arthur Christmas which wasn’t half bad. And we walked there from our new place. It’s wonderful to live within walking distance of a movie theater again.

Couldn't decide which shot I preferred... Exhibit A

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