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I Am Not Alone

I realize I read too much science fiction, but it is still good to discover that other geeks have similar daydreams…such as one in which a massive quantum improbability results in mundane household chores being taken care of. Though I fear my fantasy is far more elaborate. It doesn’t just stop with the dishes. Oh no, it extends from the basement to the attic, with every last bit of cat hair and dander being transported elsewhere. And the exterior of my house being transformed from grayish-white asbestos siding to something safer and more aesthetically pleasing. And the roof being revamped. And the electrical being rewired. And a new half bath materializing on the ground level. All right, I’ll stop now. I’m getting a little carried away with this. In reality, I’m pleased with myself if I manage to clean up after the little man has mangled his evening meal.