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Thunder-free Monday

The weekend is over and, alas, there are too many tales to tell. None involving swordplay, giants, an evil king, or a beautiful princess…but we did have:
Potty-training victories and disasters;
New sass coming out of the mouth of my babe;
Bizarre sleep schedules, for us both;
BBQs gone bad (blame it on the weather);
Pleasant visits with congenial company;
Dune-related discussions;
Much bookishness;
Anxiety attacks;
Some video viewing;
and, as always, strange dreams.
As I too often do, I found myself dreaming about work last night. As part of a new cost-saving scheme my department had been moved into smaller, windowless, musicless, phoneless, coffeeless and humorless quarters. Our new desks were just wide enough to accommodate our chairs, so that we were all rubbing elbows. And our lovely large-screen monitors were removed…replaced with teeny small-screen TVs. It was like a cross between Brazil and Office Space. Still gives me the willies thinking about it.

Just realized I probably sound like a spoiled brat. Most people probably have working conditions either much like or far worse than those I described.