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A Summer Of Seemingly Non-stop Storms

I blame my father. Over time I’ve become one of those weather-obsessed people…and he started it all. Some of my happiest memories are of the tornado sirens sounding in the summer-time. While most people were running to their cellars for cover, Dad was heading outside to scan the skies. And, to my mother’s dismay, I ran out to join him. I too came to love the green, swollen skies…the calm before the storm…the crackling and booming of lightning and thunder as the storm built up…and the heavy rains that followed. I still love thunderstorms, but now I compulsively check the weather online. All the time. Today I glanced over at the weather factoid for the first time (that I can recall) and was dismayed, but not surprised, to discover:
‘Saturday at 9 PM the dew point in the Twin Cities was 80 and the heat index was 103. Contrast that with Tower, Minnesota, where a low temperature of 33 degrees was reported Tuesday morning! That’s a 70 degree drop in apparent temperature in just over 48 hours.’
Someone please remind me, why do I live here? In April there was an equally wild weather swing…from a sweltering 90 degree day, back to a blizzard just a week later. It’s too manic. I’d love to move to an area where the weather is a bit milder, more predictable. Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco are all in the running. Now if we could just make the cost of living in those areas more manageable, I’d be set.