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Chocolate Almond Midnight

Last Sunday, just before my graceless knee-skinning incident, a certain someone hosted a dinner party. He prepared recipes from the Millenium Cookbook. I’m not a huge fan of their entrees, but their desserts are divine. What we had that evening was a dense chocolate mousse cake, with maple-almond praline and raspberry coulis. I’ve found what I believe is the recipe, on another site. The reason I’m mentioning this now is that, as of this afternoon, there was just one piece left from Sunday. A certain someone was good enough to drive downtown to hand it off to me. If I’d been thinking clearly I would have brought a fork down with me. I practically inhaled the chocolatey goodness when I returned to my desk…so now I’ve got his empty container. Had I scarfed it down in his car instead, he could have kept the container (and washed it himself, heh). This led to other thoughts. Like that he could provide all of my meals this way, Monday-Friday. His vehicle, parked near my office, could be my mobile dining room. Somehow I doubt he’ll go for it.