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Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

All my life I’ve had two (at least) unfortunate traits: 1) procrastination 2) beating myself up for not getting enough done or in a timely enough manner. I am working on being kinder to myself but it doesn’t come easily. I’ve had a four-day weekend and have managed to relax for much of it but nagging thoughts keep surfacing about the need to do more. So I will tell myself I have been doing plenty, in list form. Since Friday I have:

  • Picked up donuts from two places, Glam Doll and Mucci’s, and delivered some to my ex-husband and his family while visiting with them from their sidewalk (they stayed in their house, talking through the front window). We saw a wild turkey running through their yard while there.
  • Made a small vegetable lasagna, a half batch of biscuits with mushroom-lentil gravy, and lots of other dishes featuring zucchini.
  • Brought up the industrial floor fan from the basement storage locker, as things are warming up here and becoming muggier.
  • Put my winter clothes in storage and brought out more summer things and washed quite a bit of laundry.
  • Vacuumed and washed the blankets from the couch and various throw rugs.
  • Read several new books and re-read a few old favorites.
  • Finally got around to watching Contagion because part of it is allegedly set in my neighborhood (disappointingly, I did not actually see Lake & Lyndale, though they mention a bus stop there). I also watched and enjoyed Joe Versus the Volcano for the first time.
  • Listened to the Sherlock Holmes audiobook read by Stephen Fry.
  • Caught up on several excellent episodes of the This is Love podcast and the Heavyweight podcast.
  • Listened to the aforementioned audiobook and podcasts while taking several long walks. Mostly to the nearby cemetery. I realized I have spent more of my time at the cemetery than anywhere else, other than home, since March.
  • Picked up a delicious dinner, curbside, from Kado no Mise. Here’s an excellent article about our local situation: How food workers’ hidden sacrifices keep Minnesota plates full.
  • Joined RZA and 36 Cinema for live commentary of Shogun Assassin, which was delightful.
  • Fought with some online ordering systems. I’m just trying to buy a side table to go next to my narrow desk. A spot where I can set down my beverages without spilling on my keyboard. But I have been thwarted at every turn.

And yes, I have been playing Animal Crossing daily as well.

Bonus: The new Perfume Genius album is absolutely beautiful. And I enjoyed this interview with him, along with all of the other segments in this recent New Yorker Radio Hour episode.

Picked up magical donuts from Mucci’s this morning. Chocolate, Cacio e Pepe, and Miso Corny
Trees with green leaves
a bed of hot pink tulips
two colorful trees, one pink and one pale greenish yellow

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