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Songs For Swimming Upstream

And we’re back. Again. I posted a brief entry upon my return from NYC on Monday, with plans to expand and expound the following day. Only to have the hosting server crash. While the admin was out of town, speaking at some perl conference. Efforts to restart it remotely failed. Just my rotten luck. So all week I’ve been compulsively checking the server’s status…only to find it’s back up and running just now, as I am about to head off to bed. I could be even more compulsive and stay up far too late formatting and posting the pix and other NYC content. And under normal circumstances I would, honest. But I have to conserve my energy. Tomorrow night is girls’ night out. Again. And this time it’s personal. Or something. So instead I’ll post a couple of things of note for now. First off, Jay Gilligan (everybody’s favorite modern juggler), has an upcoming show…at a space I’m only familiar with as being the former location Fuji-Ya restaurant. Hopefully Jay has more space to work with there…it’s got to be larger than the shoebox-sized theater at Bryant Lake Bowl. Secondly, when I was skimming my caughtspam folder I came across a call to arms from the locally-based Ministry of Cultural Warfare…or at least a summons, directing me to ‘waste time at work with MoCW movies‘. Haven’t gotten a chance to yet, but Tiny Kitten Theater sounds intriguing.
‘These weird little parodies of some of the 20th century’s greatest films are acted out entirely by Louise The Cat.and a few humans.’
Thirdly, everyone’s favorite chanteuse, Neko Case, is coming to town soon with the New Pornographers. And it’s not a Clear Channel event. Phew. Finally, I’ve come across yet another collaborative/collective art project to obsess over for a bit. Project Button explores the question ‘What can you fit on a 1″ round button?’ and anyone and everyone is welcome to answer. It is likely I will do so…but only after pulling together and posting my NYC package. For now, nigh nigh.
Note: just as I was about to post this, the server went back down. Doh. But now it is, allegedly, back up for good. More updates shortly. After girls’ night out, of course.