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Monthly Archives: June 2003

Electric Dragon 80,000v

I am seriously tempted to give myself an early birthday present. A mini-trip to NYC the weekend after next. Only problem is, on such short notice I’d likely have to fly solo. But I do have family to visit in Manhattan. And I haven’t been back in over five years. Geesh. NYC would be [...]

The Most Intelligent Space Opera Ever Written

J is getting annoyed with me. I’ve been neglecting our Netflix. We currently have three films (our maximum) in our possession. All three were added to the queue by yours truly. But I have little interest in viewing any of them any time soon. I’m too far gone, too consumed by the series I’m [...]

Linus Blankets St. Paul

Look out ladies, there’s a new boy in town. Yet another member of the Peanuts family…these Linus statues have popped up all over St. Paul. The other night I pointed out to J that ours (the one closest to home) looks a bit, well, scuzzier than most. So he offhandedly remarked “well, maybe it’s [...]

Look And Feel Twenty Years Younger

Of all the spam I received over the weekend, that was the most innocuous of subject lines…and the one that caught my attention and imagination the most. Sure, being nine years old had its advantages…I didn’t yet obsess about my appearance. I could still be a kid…and play with my brother and our friends [...]