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Calgon, Take Me Away

The morning was off to another suckass start. We overslept. The little man looked as cranky as I felt. He insisted on wearing a polar fleece balaclava on the way to school (though it was a muggy 70ish degrees when we left the house). After dropping him off, hatless, I headed to the bus stop. Then chased the bus for blocks. But still missed it by about 45 seconds…just the right amount of time and distance to watch it head for the highway. Rather than waiting half an hour for the next one I opted to drive to work. Through the construction zones. To shell out the $10 “early bird” parking rate. Eventually I arrived to work…and realized that I hated the outfit I’d thrown on. And that the humidity helped to make my hair look even more like ass. Stupendous. Entering day four of a futile quest for the perfect bag (large enough to hold my digital SLR camera, phone and other necessities but much smaller than my over-sized messenger/diaper bag) did nothing to improve my mood. The only ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal day was an email from an old friend. She now lives in Brooklyn. And has welcomed me to crash at her place for the weekend. I’m hoping that by then my hormones won’t be so out of hand…and I’ll be feeling significantly less snarky. Ah, the wrath of Aunt Flo.