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The Obsessive Guide To Impulsive Entertainment

Well, I’m making it happen. I’m off to NYC next weekend. The little man will be staying with his father while I’m away. My airline tickets and film festival pass have been purchased. Reservations have been made at an ultra-cheap and centrally located youth hostel. And I’ve been in research mode, scouring Timeout and other sources. Trip-planning totally triggers my OCD. I’m making lists and checking them more than twice. I’ve already acquired a laminated Manhattan streetmap, and have been busy plotting routes from the hostel to the festival, and from the hostel and festival to a variety of vegan-friendly restaurants. Many within walking distance. On my list are Kate’s Joint, Teany (the Moby-owned teahouse that serves vegan vanilla-bean strawberry shortcake, mmmm), Hangawi (a vegan Korean restaurant), Angelica Kitchen, Candle Cafe and perhaps VP2 or VP3. I plan to stroll around St. Mark’s Place and Tompkins Square Park, check out Chinatown, and to stop by the International Center for Photography, if there’s time. Wouldn’t mind catching a show, especially as CGBG’s is across the street from my lodging, but I know nothing of the bands that will be playing during my stay…and their names don’t exactly pique my interest. Endangered Feces anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so. But I may catch one of the latest buzz bands, Electric Six, at the Bowery Ballroom. Just five more days to departure. Let the countdown begin.