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Tales Of Adventure In Time And Space

Debating when or what to post about the big news…so instead I’ll get back in the saddle with an all purpose entry. Today I wanted to join my favorite denizens of Duluth, for their 25 mile nonchalant jaunt about town. Alas, I don’t believe I would have been up to it…and, with their 8am start, I would have had to head out around 4:30am. Youch. Besides, I’d promised the little man a visit to the apple orchard and I delivered. Though it’s always strange to drive through my old home town. It seemed small when I was growing up, but now it seems smaller still…even with the unstoppable sprawl. I was happy to head out of there, to my current home. Where I’ve been shutting the storm windows, cooking and baking a bit, and trying to scare up something decent to read. I haven’t replenished my book supply yet so I’ve been re-reading a few favorites, and digging through the husband’s stacks (his collection hasn’t yet been integrated into mine…we need more bookshelves, and a team of personal organization experts). Was amused to find a tome devoted to Gandhi wedged between The Guide to Getting It On! and CGI Programming with Perl. The man has eclectic tastes, no? I have been enjoying his copy of The Basque History of the World, and reading random selections of short stories. Turns out one such collection was his introduction to science fiction, many eons ago. Definitely dated material, as the first story in the book is “Escape From the Death Star“, by George Lucas. There are a few gems, but I still need to get myself to a library. But for now it’s time to be getting the little man to bed. Nigh nigh.