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The Trio Of Perpetual Sadness Takes On The Season Of Perpetual Joy

There’s too much material to cover, so consider this my Cliff Notes version of Christmas Eve. Just the highlights, folks.
I brought the Low Christmas album over to my parents’ house last night. When their droning rendition of The Little Drummer Boy was on my smartass step-brother asked if the CD was stuck.
The little man made quite the haul this year. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about? His first score was a Tonka Mighty Motorized Dump Truck, with special features designed to drive parents crazy! It was bad enough when the new house was being built next door…but now I can constantly be reminded of those glory days when the little man puts his fancy Tonka Truck in reverse, perpetually beep-beep-beeping at me.
Since last night he’s added to his vocabulary of words that mean “having to wait for the payoff”. First there was “rewinding” (I bought too many VHS tapes before we got the DVD player). Then there was “downloading” (generally referring to those Mo Kin quicktime videos). Now there is “inflating”, thanks to my parents’ purchase of the Jump-o-lene (made with SUPER-TOUGHâ„¢ vinyl). Big props to the husband for patiently inflating the sucker last night, especially since the whine of the electric pump is likely to leave his ears ringing for days (I hid out in another room, like the punk that I am).
Speaking of the rents, the newest addition to their family is a crazy Siamese cat named Sushi. Last night the little man alternately referred to him as Smooshi or Slooshi, to the amusement of all. For some reason he has an easier time with the other cat’s name…another Siamese named Sake. I hope that isn’t a sign of problems to come.
Santa (aka my Dad) threw in a couple of goodies…a Hoberman Super Flip-out Transforming Sphere (he already had the smaller glow-in-the-dark version) and some hot new wheels courtesy of Tyco RC.
And finally, I have to admit a certain fondness for the little man’s new Neopet (now with Voice Activated Grarrlâ„¢) despite the boasting on the company’s web site: “Neopets® is the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet”. Now really, is that such a claim to fame?
Later on today, round two with the husband’s family. More photos to come.

stocking stuffed with coal