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He Doesn’t Appear To Be A Hard-core Criminal, Just Stupid

My in-laws live in the city, not too far from us as a matter of fact, and just the way I like it. But some of the extended family lives further out. Today we travelled to a suburb, not too far from where I grew up (just the way I don’t like it). Strange memories floated to the surface, but the aunt and uncle in question are nice folks, so I got over it. Unfortunately they live in one of those neighborhoods where all the houses look alike. So alike, in fact, that we walked right in upon arrival…to the house next door to theirs. Doh. I’d only visited once before, many months ago. My father-in-law had been the one driving our delegation, and my mother-in-law led the charge up the driveway. Naturally the little man pulled ahead at the last minute, though, and was barreling right up the main stairs of some very confused citizens before our error was fully realized. We should have known something was off when we saw the “Laos War Veteran” sign above the garage. Some hasty apologies were made before we booked it one house over, on the double. But I could hardly tell the difference. The houses had the exact same layout and color schemes. What a weird way to start the day. But not as strange as another tale of unlawful entry…early this morning Minneapolis Police found someone stuck in the chimney of one of my favorite bookstores.

“The 34-year-old man was treated Thursday for bruises and abrasions at Hennepin County Medical Center after being found naked and lodged in the furnace flue at Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore, 2864 Chicago Av. S. He is expected to be charged with attempted burglary on Friday.”

That’s one way to spend Christmas, I guess. The rest of our day was less weird, but very long. More tomorrow, including the promised photos.