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Whatever “normal” Is.

These truths may not be universal or self-evident, but they hold for me. Today at least.
1. Breads and bagels are far more satisfying when toasted.
2. Aesthetically pleasing shoes are not always comfortable.
3. Unless one is independently wealthy, ebay is best avoided.
4. Practice doesn’t always make perfect.
5. Season finales are often convoluted and disappointing, but not devoid of redeeming qualities.
6. Neglecting to take one’s Claritin can lead to well-meaning co-workers repeating “bless you” until one feels as though one will burst.
7. Foosball play can be habit-forming.
8. Bjork and The Breeders are goddesses.
9. Motherhood is as amazing as it is exhausting.
10. Life can be strange, but that makes it more interesting.