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Factual Error Found On The Internet

I love The Onion. A certain someone pointed that article out to me as I was whining (gee, how unusual) about something else. My childless friends are going to see a movie without me tonight. Sure, we all saw it together when it first came out, but I’d like to see it again on the big screen. Anyhow, I noticed the theater’s site has it listed as “The Fellowsthip of the Ring”. When I pointed this out I was treated to a mocking “Wow, Sharyn found a typo on the internet”. Oh yeah, well pickles are gross. So there.

Guess I should thank my lucky stars, anyhow. Been getting out a bit lately. Forgot to mention below that I saw “Episode ii” last Friday afternoon. A bit before that I saw Spidey-man. Last night I was able to watch the BTVS finale over at the girls’ place (as much as the little man digs the opening credits, I’d prefer that he not watch it, for a number of reasons). And last Saturday I went out to their grad dinner thingie. So it’s not always “all work and no play” for this mama.