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Busy Beaver

Haven’t been :: making my regular web rounds, posting or emailing much, remembering to clip little man’s fingernails.
Have been :: swamped with work, daydreaming, playing outside (still chilly, but at least it’s sunny now) with the little man quite a bit, and busy with social engagements and house stuff.
Friday :: After work, played in the backyard with the little man. Worked on art projects together. To his dismay I am still denying him access to the non-safety scissors, but allowed him to play with the glue a bit. We snuggled before and after his bath…and fell asleep together in my bed. Round 1am a kick to my head roused me enough to pick up my little space-heater and carry him to his room. He partially woke up to pat me on the back as I lay him down on his toddler bed, clutching his fuzzy pink duck (it was a gift, awright).
Saturday :: Laundry, laundry and more laundry. Played out back for several hours, before trekking over to Como Park. It was insanely over-crowded. It was to be expected, to a certain degree, as we’re finally experiencing decent weather…though still on the chilly side. Had to drive around all the little side areas before finally scoring a parking spot. On the other side of the park from our destination. The ride lasted only a few minutes, but it was worth it. It was the first time the little man had been treated to it since last Fall. Though he had his back to me I could still see his cheeks now and then, and tell he had a ginormous grin on his face the whole time. Afterwards we swung by the co-op to pick up the ingredients for batter-fried seitan, mashed potatoes’n'gravy, and veggies. Yummy. Made it too late in the day, though. Didn’t eat until 4pm, and was scheduled to go to dinner at 6:30. Oops. Little man had been fighting against taking a nap all afternoon, but finally crashed just as I was heading out. Was just a tad late to the special dinner. We were there to celebrate the fact that my girls are all growed up and graduated. One of whom will be the only lawyer I know who wears an Eyeore backpack. Dinner was lovely, though our end of the table couldn’t hear the conversation going on at the other end, and vice versa. We did get to see two different groups of prom-goers come and go, though. Afterwards we were going to go out. Discussed going to Triple Rock, but wound up hanging out at the girls’ apartment and watching a movie, which was fine by me. It was a nice change of pace, just watching a movie at someone else’s place. Without the lovely little man climbing all over me and making demands for more beverage and snacks every ten minutes. Even stayed out late, past 1am. Crazy.
Sunday :: The little man let me sleep in until 7:30. Could have been worse. Groggily got us ready so that we could continue the graduation celebrations, this time with the little man joining us for breakfast. Things started off all right. Got myself a decent latte w/soy and some tasty vegan carrot muffins. Naturally little man turned his nose up at ‘em. Tried to keep him seated with crayons and paper, and juice and snacks. But there was too much sensory input. The place was packed and noisy. So Parker decided this was the best time to get up and mingle. He didn’t just wander about, but would crawl under our neighbors’ tables and pop up on a vacant chair, like a wily little weasel (I mean that in the most affectionate way possible, really). At times it was difficult to catch him quickly, as he is still able to squeeze through and under spaces that I have more difficulty navigating. Chairs were literally back to back with no aisle room in many places. Thankfully I was able to intercept before he ran out the door (and into the busy street) but it was quite the struggle. At one point we wound up around the side of the building with him laying down on the parking lot’s hot tar surface. Yeah, great place for a little resting up. Eventually dragged him back inside, but we got little actual visiting done. With people we know, at least. I found this exercise too exhausting. So after downing the remainder of my latte we left early (probably to the relief of my companions). Ventured on to the playground where the little man could burn off his excess energy. We even ran into a playmate of his from daycare. I was able to chat with his mum while the two of ‘em played. Luckily she was around the way when Parker started chanting something he picked up from a certain someone who shall remain nameless (thanks there, buddy). With a huge grin on his face, and both fists waving he started shouting “POOP! POOP! POOP! POOP! POOP! POOP!” - yeah, that’s my boy. I furtively looked about to gauge crowd reaction. Some parents tried to pretend they didn’t hear him (though they certainly couldn’t have missed it), others looked perplexed and some amused. I didn’t encourage or discourage the little man, so it was over quickly. And time for a diaper change. He had been playing full bore for nearly two hours and looked tired anyhow, so it seemed as good a time as any to depart. I didn’t expect him to cooperate so I wasn’t surprised, but not pleased, by the need to haul him up the neverending staircase. He wound up over my shoulder, like a sack of grain. Got him home and cleaned up, and down for a nap. I lounged on the couch for twenty minutes, maybe even a half hour! It was lovely. Then he woke up in a great mood, which isn’t the norm after naptime. I opened his bedroom door to find him smiling and trying to dress himself. He had pulled on a t-shirt, inside out and backwards, over the polo shirt he was already wearing. Who knows, it could be the next big thing. Maybe at daycare. My son, the trendsetter. The afternoon and evening flew by. There was more laundry to be done. More playing outside. BBQ tofu prepared for us (not that little man would deign to eat it these days), by that unnamed entity who is such a huge influence on the little man. Bath-time was followed by cuddle-time. Then we watched “To Kill a Mockingbird“. After the video viewing I headed up to bed, intending to sleep, but wound up engrossed in my book. Ayun had me laughing and crying, often at the same time. Didn’t fall asleep until well after 2am. Despite the exhaustion, it was a good day. And a good weekend, overall.