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Do Go On

Now for one of life’s little victories. This morning I swung by BoSa donuts on the way in to work. To pick up some of their delightful cholesterol-free yummies, which just happen to be vegan (thankyou thankyou). Ate two donuts, and saved the third for later. Forgot about it and was too busy to eat it anyhow. This afternoon the departing intern brought in four giant boxes of distinctly non-vegan Krispy Kremes. When my co-workers tried to tempt and taunt me with them, I was able to bust out my remaining BoSa donut with great relish. In your face! Or something. Yeah.

After a particularly brutal week (a tale for another time) it’s necessary to revel in these small things. Sometimes it’s not so bad. I’ve been listening to and greatly enjoying some old Chisel and the new Breeders. And looking forward to the coming three-day weekend. Which will include a bbq at chez moi. And taking down the hideous wallpaper that came with said house. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

And, as always, there is my saving grace. The little man. But he’s no small thing. Heh. He had an awesome time at the Children’s Museum last night. Though on the way there a certain someone, *ahem*, managed to get him to repeat “Hail Satan!” - a little too enthusiastically. Sigh. So that’s my story. Or stories. For now.