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Warm And Thundery

Wacky weather, as usual, but at least it’s warming up. Yesterday it was beautiful outside. Naturally I spent too much of the day cooped up indoors. Was able to take a break during my workday to have a lovely patio lunch. But afterwards it was straight to a work function at one of the trendier spots about town. Our department hadn’t gotten together like that for some time, so it was nice…but unfortunate that it was scheduled for last night. For two very valid reasons ::
a) it was absolutely gorgeous out and we should have all been outside.
b) Tuesday night = Buffy night (duh!)
I’m sure my co-workers thought it was totally lame of me to bail early, no matter the circumstance. But especially so to get home in time to catch Villains, the second to last episode of season six. If they thought that was bad, wait until they find out about my season finale plans for next week. Mouhaha!