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“oh Wow, Fireworks!”

I realize I say this far too often, but…the little man is soooooooo cute! We had an awesome weekend. Yesterday was especially good. Our bbq got pushed off to later in the day, so we spent morning, mid-day, and afternoon mostly outside. Soaking up the sun (which has since vanished again). Drawing on the driveway with egg-shaped chalk (another odd gift from my step-mother). Blowing bubbles. Swinging. But the most enjoyable activity, by far, revolved around the wading pool. Aside from some flukish weather early last month, it was the first really hot day we’ve had this spring. So I thought it would be a good time to fillerup. A certain someone one-upped me and set it up so the little man would be sliding into the wading pool. He was so excited! He went at it forever, gleefully shouting as though each descent were the first. There was one minor mishap, though. That ended in the little man’s swimming trunks having to be removed. Which led to him greeting our guests in the buff. Heh. I didn’t like the idea of him naked near the bbq grill though. Well, near the grill at all, really. So when we fired that up I had to forcibly remove him from the wading pool area, towel him off, and get him dressed. He was ok once he realized there was serious snacking to be done. That boy loves his hummus. After chowing down, lazing about and then swinging for a while it was time to head in. Just as the little man seemed to be getting sleepy, after a nap-free day, the fireworks began. Personally I think the nearby Melaleuca-sponsored event was a bit dubious, but we didn’t have to participate in it to enjoy the spectacle. The little man’s bedroom has the best view in the house. The computer room’s view is decent too. So with our guests split between rooms the little man scurried back and forth shouting “Oh wow, fireworks!” to each group. Though the word fireworks sometimes came out garbled, often sounding like “fireman”…or something else entirely. They really were the best fireworks I’ve seen in ages. And with the best running commentary around. It was an awesome ending to an excellent day.