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Monthly Archives: May 2002

Weekend Roundup

Btw, the weekend was good. But not restful. We were very busy. Errands were run. Chores done. Well, some of them. Mother’s Day cards created for and distributed to various mothers throughout the metro area. As a mother myself I was treated to a fine brunch (thanks ladies!) and many hugs and kisses from [...]

Dubiety Anxiety

There was a brief time where everything seemed to be lining up for me. My future somewhat spelled out, in a desirable manner. Now it’s all up in the air again. With difficult decisions waiting to be made and consequences dealt with. After one failed decision-making attempt I’m wishing my options were a bit [...]

Not Forgotten

Thirteen years. It feels like it was just yesterday. Some memories blur and fade, others slap me in the face with a startling intensity. It was thirteen years ago today that I lost my brother. To a disease with no known cause. A disease that our inept family doctor wrote off as a [...]

Troubled Frontal Boundary

Gloomy day. Despite recent May Day festivities and Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the elusive Spring will not be showing itself this week. Forecast predicts cold rain is on its way. I’ll be keeping warm by seeing red tonight. Well, seeing “Seeing Red” really.

The Atmosphere Becomes Unstable

The local weather forecast mirrors my life (or vice versa) on an eerily frequent basis. Perhaps their copywriters are former employees of the psychic friends network.

Think Globally, Masturbate Locally

Crikey, how could I have forgotten? May is National Masturbation Month! Was only reminded of it as I’d pointed out the Good Vibrations site to the darling Daniel…who then paid me one of the best-ever compliments: “wow, a site both about sex and visually appealing with a clever ethic. it’s like, you as a [...]

May Day Addendum

Didn’t manage to get this up yesterday..but it’s not too late to check it out.

Dental Dilemma

Went to the dentist the other day for my six-month checkup, expecting the usual. I floss occasionally (need to work on that) and brush my teeth like mad. Haven’t had a cavity in 17+ years. So generally very little occurs at these check-ups, other than the usual polishing and whatnot. But this time. Sigh. [...]

Lost And Found

MIA :: a favorite cardigan, the allen wrench set that came with my bedframe, the check a friend wrote me last week, my memory, optimism and sanityrecovered :: a ten dollar bill, my engagement ring (circa 1993), my allergies, pessimism and paranoia

No Free Lunch?

Free vegan food makes me happy. This morning a lovely co-worker brought me more vegan muffins (from his other job). And just a bit ago I scored pita and hummus, fancy-cut carrot sticks, broccoli, and some spinach-rice pilaf. There’s Tabouleh too, but I have to be in the mood for it. Besides, no one [...]