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For Your Consideration

The boy is like a shark. Constantly moving. Never at rest. Even when he is asleep. Or supposed to be. I was out last night. Not very late. Just long enough to catch Buffy with the grrrls (and a boy, who is sorta like one of the grrrls…aside from his failure to grasp why a certain pair of pants were inarguably ugly). Departed before I could be sucked into American Idol (it’s like watching a train wreck). Came home to a quiet house. J had already put the little man to bed. And was himself trying to nap for a bit, before leaving for his night shift. But I broke the quiet. By first disarming, then resetting the home security system. It woke the monkey up. As I was taking off my shoes I heard him cry out upstairs. He met me in the hallway. I hadn’t seen him since the morning so I wasn’t opposed to some hugging/cuddling. I first brought him into our room, where he fussed and woke J up. So plan B was heading back to his room…and lying down with him in his teeny toddler bed. Afraid I’d end up asleep I kept trying to sneak out, but he wasn’t having it. He was tired, but totally awake. Somehow we wound up downstairs. In the comfy red chair. With the monkey making requests for various videos. At 9pm? Nuh-uh. It seemed he would fall back to sleep in my arms. He kept getting oh-so-close, then jerking awake. Eventually I decided we should go back upstairs, but that led to screaming crying hissyfits. Which J wasn’t going to sleep through anyhow. So I had to call the poor guy into the melĂ©e. He’s somehow become the enforcer. Especially adept at getting the little man to bed (and to stay in bed). It took a little doing, but then it was done. And all was relatively quiet again. No thanks to me. Sigh.

my whirling dervish
the little man's hand, as he rushed the camera