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Monthly Archives: January 2003

Paying The Price -or- Vegandaise Gone By

I probably seem a little weather obsessed…but when you live in a region where the elements can so easily kill you (extreme heat/humidity alternating with freezing cold, tornadoes, blizzards, etc.) or at least make you exceedingly uncomfortable, it’s something that comes to mind frequently. So I’ve mentioned that we’ve been having another unusually mild winter, [...]

Small, Weird Things

Describes me well, but also my recent submission to the lovely Lalaland. Took that photo late the other night…when I was in insomniac queen mode. It’s of my Pontiki. Which came to me as a holiday gift from one of the grrrls. It happens to be Japan’s answer to Mr. Potato Head. And despite [...]

Our Proposal Is More Political Than Commercial

Every now and then the BBC helps break up my day…often while I’m eating lunch at my desk (sad, I know). But they’ve got a decent Buffy site. As well as many programs and news articles of interest. Just the other day J pointed out a dramatisation done by BBC Radio…of the trilogy we [...]

It’s A Jungle Out There

The emissaries from my office who were sent to this year’s Macworld have just returned. Haven’t gotten a chance yet to get their reactions to the big announcements. I’m most intrigued by Apple’s new browser, Safari. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play with it yet, as it’s only available for Jaguar and I’m [...]

It’s Always Pretty After An Apocalypse

Started this new year sick sick sick. I’m finally on the mend. Despite the fact that I’ve been sleeping less and working more than usual, which is a bit backwards. Last night was my bad, though. Had been waiting with bated breath for the all-new Buffy episode. Only to find that it was being [...]

I Hear…goodnight

Didn’t spend as much time with the comfy chair as I would have liked. Instead I puttered around the house, trying to take care of the little things. Made a little dinner. Handed the phone bill over to J. Safely stowed the overdue library books in my bag (now I just have to make [...]

Space Queen

I used to possess the ability to multi-task. I swear. More effectively than I do now, at least. These days I frequently find myself creating lengthy to do lists. Then promptly losing the lists. Or remembering things I need to do at inconvenient times and/or in inconvenient places. Just as I arrived to the [...]

Look Ma, I’m Dancing

Just grabbed the photos off my camera from New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Should have taken more…but I’ve been a little lethargic. Still recovering from the stomach flu. Feeling a little dizzy (more so than usual) and tired. Had been skipping the coffee, which did and didn’t help matters, I’m sure. So [...]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

We had a lovely fairly low-key evening with friends, though with an unexpected highlight or two. First of all, we were visiting early on with a dear old friend of mine. She’s finishing up law school on the other side of the country, so we rarely see her. It’s been a full year since [...]