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Missing The Mark

With age comes greater coordination. For some. Playing catch with the little man is far more enjoyable these days. It used to be that we’d toss the ball in his direction. The ball would then hit him and bounce away. And delayed-reaction boy would look around confusedly a moment or two later. I am happy to report that he now catches the ball with great frequency. And lobs it back at us with alarming accuracy and force (he just needs to learn that underhand throwing is better than overhand, at least in the house). But I doubt we’ll have him juggling before his fourth birthday, a la Anthony Gatto, as his father would like. The little man’s aim still varies wildly. While attempting to use the potty over the weekend he managed to spray far and wide. But while tossing his Buttercup doll in the air, he threw her such that she became hopelessly lodged in an overhead lighting fixture. We still have a wee bit of work to do.