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Progress Not Perfection

While raising my son I’ve tried to emphasize experiences over materialism. Thankfully he’s on board. And even before he was born I was a fan of Buy Nothing Day to to replace Black Friday. I feel a sense of relief when I see these ideas gaining traction. Like this:

The no-pressure holiday gift you won’t even have to wrap. Here’s a holiday gift idea: Take someone you love to an art museum.

Five More Good Things:

As much as I rail against consumerism, I’m not totally opposed to gifts and gift giving. Something appeals to me about a Secret Santa situation. This Friday at work I’ll participate in our annual Yankee Swap, which is always a fun time. And this year I’ve signed up for my first ever Reddit Gift Exchange. Reminds me of the good old days on a music message board that was active for over a decade. A good portion of our members were local so we could arrange for elaborate Secret Santa drop-offs. I often got the short end of the stick, having someone draw my name who never followed through. But I enjoyed the gifting part. The same thing could happen again with Reddit but the giftee I was matched with is someone I understand. We have so much in common that assembling their gift package has been easy peasy.

festive outfit

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