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High Spiritual Pressure

Earlier in the Fall I told my son Netflix had made a live action movie adaptation of Bleach. He had never watched the original anime series (which is based on the manga) and declared he would check it out before watching the movie. He proceeded to watch every single episode. From all 26 seasons. The episodes are short but still, doing the math on that makes me hurt.

How about Five Good Things for this Wednesday?

This coming weekend we plan to take care of the kiddo’s passport renewal. A co-worker casually mentioned something about his hair color - concern about it needing to be a “natural” color for the passport photo - so I did a quick search. And turned up a page with a disturbing feature image. It’s weird out there, folks.

The weekend after next I’ll be selling photo magnets, cards, photo puzzles, framed and loose prints at the Strange Girls Winter’s Night Market. Saturday, December 15th from 4-9pm at Artspace Jackson Flats in NE Minneapolis. Come by and say hi!

Haircut time

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