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The Usefulness of Failure

Over the weekend we passed the halfway mark and that’s a pretty good indicator. National Novel Writing Month isn’t over yet, but I don’t think there’s much chance I will “win” it this time. And that is ok. I’ve been making steady progress, averaging over 1000 words a day and liking my story every step of the way. Going at it more slowly has certainly increased the quality (over quantity) but one needs to average 1667 words daily to reach the finish line. Sure, it’s still possible that I could get ahead with a couple more frenzied writing sessions. Speaking of, attending The Night of Writing Dangerously writeathon in San Francisco sure would have helped. Sadly my schedule hasn’t meshed well with our local write-ins, and that’s half the fun of NaNoWriMo.


Five creative endeavors from other folks:

Highlights from the weekend include the book reading. Totally fun, but that’s what you would expect in a room full of writers from The Onion. Saturday night dinner with friends at Evergreen was also most pleasant. But the boy’s fixation with The Jackie Chan Adventures continues unabated. At the restaurant he grabbed one of the placemats, with the Chinese zodiac on it, and started telling everyone about his talismans and Qi spells, and dark Qi wizards. Sigh. Yesterday the Theater de la Jeune Lune rummage sale was awesome. The boy found a bowler hat, my friend Sam scored a sombrero, and I snapped up a little chair meant for short people like myself. Afterwards we hit the gym, and stocked up on food at the co-op, where I got a hankering for Potato and Leek Soup. I hadn’t posted a new recipe in ages before that one. I need to get on that more regularly.

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  1. zed melody wrote:

    great old piano image :) I like it! would buy it if theres just more space in our flat :D

    greetings from vienna,

    Monday, December 7, 2009 at 10:06 am | Permalink

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