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Sugar On My Tongue

The little man and I were home most of the day. In the morning I managed to crank through a pile of work. In the afternoon we went out for a productive session with the boy’s psychologist, but then it was right back home. Where I made the house smell awesome by baking two pumpkin pies while the lad had himself a Hayao Miyazaki movie marathon. We also got in a few games of Cranium’s Cariboo before I switched to making savory pies, little ones, thrown together from a recipe I posted here. My Thanksgiving cooking has now come to an end. Tomorrow there will be a bit of Thanksgiving reheating, and some cleanup, and lots and lots of eating and hanging out.

Five random things:

  • Got myself hooked on the Order of Tales web comic.
  • A round up of Sheela’s cupcakes for the week.
  • Just began reading Not Even Wrong by Paul Collins. His son is more severely autistic than mine, as are the others like him in the book, but their experiences are all too familiar.
  • The Guild season two, episode one is up now and it is SO GOOD. I adore Felicia Day.
  • I now have a huge crush on all things Orla Kiely. Too bad their stuff is ridiculously expensive! $251 for a sweatshirt? I don’t think so.

Once again we’ll be opting out of Black Friday, and on board for Buy Nothing Day. I look forward to spending even more quality time at home.

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