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Happy When It Rains

Weather in Minnesota is predictably unpredictable but especially so in June. I sure do love a good storm and we had one helluva one on Monday night, which I enjoyed. But now I feel guilty-ish. It knocked the power out in a lot of homes around the metro but even that is nothing like the ferocity of what hit Duluth last night. Strange to think everything was just fine when we were there last week and today the town is looking post-apocalyptic, with crazy flooding and destruction. The parking ramp at the co-op collapsed. And zoo exhibits were obliterated to the point that some animals got loose. Well, the lucky ones. Some barnyard animals drowned. Sad. The polar bear just waltzed out of its exhibit before being darted by the vet and a seal was recovered near downtown. Unfortunately it looks like Duluth is getting even more rain before this is over and one of the big state parks is being evacuated. Oof.

How about five good things?

In other news, my life is a mixed bag, as always. I got my car back from the mechanic last night and left White Bear Lake with unexpected Thai food. But I also came down with a stupid freaking cold. I’ve got too damned much to do to be sick! And my stupidly hot apartment isn’t helping.

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