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Anger Is An Energy

We enjoyed a lovely North Woods detour last week. And part of it wound up on the Duluth news!

The weekend was a mixed bag. Heavy on the overwhelmingly stressful and frustrating part of the mix, unfortunately. I came home from a wedding Friday night to find a swarm of hundreds of flying ants IN MY BEDROOM. And thousands more were out back, behind the house. I slept on the couch that night but not well. Saturday morning I woke up feeling not at all refreshed and then spent seven hours shooting an outdoor wedding. After which I was looking forward to going home to rest but my car had other ideas. I drove away and the clutch went out. Le sigh.

Five weird things for this Monday (that I intended to post last week):

The boy was super stoked this morning, for the first day of summer camp. I dropped him off (using a borrowed car). Always happy times for him there and I’m happy when he’s happy. And I’m trying to keep myself happy-ish with the liberal application of ridiculous summertime jams. Everything from old B-52s to Young MC and Technotronic to King Tuff. I’m determined to power through. Maybe not always with a smile on my face but at least with my will unbroken and my spirit undefeated.

Strawberries from Belle Creek Gardens

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