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Reunited And It Feels So Good

An excellent weekend, thus far. Decided to give up on giving up. Two weeks into my coffee withdrawal and I realized it wasn’t worth it. Every day I woke up all achey, and severely lacking in the motivation department. All I looked forward to was crawling back into bed. But that changed Friday. Just one strongly-brewed cup later and I was dancing around my house, literally, listening to some old New Order while cleaning. Later on I was ready to step out, and was able to do so as the little man had an impromptu overnight visit with his grandma. I made it out for some mingling at the Poster Offensive. Bumped into several friends, including some favorite local bloggers. Afterwards I caught a showing of Shaun of the Dead with the Daves and Huey-Ling. It was perfect.

“Ridiculous and heartfelt, it’s both the funniest zombie movie and the scariest romantic comedy you’re likely to ever see.”

Indeed. Didn’t, however, make it to Mizna’s film festival, as I was anxiously awaiting the little man’s return. His grandmother gave me a rather large window of time during which to expect him, and as the hour grew later I started missing the lad more. At one point there was a false alarm. The doorbell rang so I excitedly rushed to answer it. I flung the door open and, instead of seeing my son, found myself face to face with two men in suits. Jehovah’s Witnesses. Extricated myself from that situation as quickly as possible. Eventually my boy came back to me, though he was a bit tired and under the weather. Since mom hadn’t gotten much sleep we were both content with lying about much of the day, and playing with his new toys. Today looks like more of the same. Can’t complain. And I’ll be doing it with coffee.

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