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Could Life Ever Be Sane Again?

Sadly we’re not so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed around these parts. This morning I attempted to get the little man ready for school, something he generally looks forward to. But today he told me he had to stay home. When I asked why he gave me an unusually serious look and deadpanned “I don’t have a choice”. What he really meant to say was “I want to sit around and watch anime all day” but eventually I was able to get him going…by lugging his 52 pound bad self all the way down the stairs. Resistance was futile, but I don’t look forward to the teen years. As for me, I’m continuing to wage my coffee-withdrawal-for-the-greater-good campaign, and paying the price…in the form of serious head and neck aches, and persistent dreams of consuming the verboten beverage. During my waking hours I rarely feel alert, or alive. More like a zombie. A slightly cranky, impatient zombie who could do with some grown-up, out-of-the-house time. Which is reason enough to go see Shaun of the Dead tomorrow night, rather than one of the five films in my previously mentioned must-see list.

shaun of the dead