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Change Your Underwear Twice A Week

This is only going to score me more NPR nerd points in the husband’s book, but last night two favorites came together…The World, and Danny Gregory. My timing was fortuitous for a change. The little man and I were heading home, from an exciting evening of errand-running and playing. We happened to be in the car at just the right time to catch an interview with Mr. Gregory (more importantly, the lad was tuckered out enough to allow me to listen to it, in its entirety). He was discussing his latest book, which I’ve been meaning to pick up. I’ve been finding his work, writing and illustrations, equally fascinating and inspiring.

In other book news…Neal Stephenson’s third volume in the Baroque Cycle is out, but I have to admit I haven’t made it through the first one yet. I’m a fan of Cryptonomicon, but Quicksilver never grabbed me the way I expected it to.