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I Like My Sugar With Coffee And Cream

Just because I’m not feeling well doesn’t mean I can’t get my cats comfortably numb. With organic catnip, no less. But what about my needs? Ok, wants. Wanton wants. I was thinking a little conspicuous consumption might lift my spirits. Sadly exploding dog’s “the future is almost here” prints are already sold out. One of the t-shirts might make an all right consolation prize, but I like this one even better. Or any of these assorted Yoshitomo Nara treasures, but especially this amazing picture/postcard book. Anyone want to help a sister out? Didn’t think so. What I really should be looking for, though, is more mundane. The ever-growing and less-little little man needs a new winter coat. But he’ll have nothing to do with the process, thank you very much. The lad had a major meltdown yesterday morning…when we insisted he wear socks and shoes outside (rather than sandals) and a sweater over his t-shirt, as it was about 44°F when the school bus arrived. The poor kid sometimes has trouble with transitions. Especially the changing of seasons, and accompanying changes in wardrobe. Maybe we should move to California.

organic catnip