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Survey Says

All right, I’ve spent far too much time in the last 24 hours online, looking for a new winter coat for the little man. Our requirements are pretty straightforward. The lad needs a durable daily wear jacket that’s built to withstand Minnesota winters, but with synthetic lining (instead of the non-vegan down). I’ve narrowed it down to two possible candidates, but I need help choosing between them. Exhibit A is a pretty standard number from the highly reputable Columbia line. Exhibit B is a slightly sassier number from an unknown entity, an Italian brand by the name of Invicta. Both jackets have coordinating snowpants, but Invicta’s are infinitely cooler, of course. Pricewise they are neck in neck, but stylewise? You be the judge. Please email me and let me know which you’d prefer (I do realize this would be so much simpler if I’d gotten in gear with the CMS migration and had comments enabled).

exhibit a or exhibit b?