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Monthly Archives: September 2004

Coming Attractions

Movies I’d like to see that are now showing, or will be soon:

Garden State;
Ghost in the Shell 2;
The Motorcycle Diaries;
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; and
Zhou Yu’s Train
Upcoming items of note:

In Minneapolis, Mizna will present their second annual Arab Film Festival, a four-day event showcasing feature-length films, documentaries, and short films by [...]

Stay Away From Hurricanes For A While

It was a fun, if bumpy, ride, and one I am relieved to be over with…until next year. Saturday was spent whipping things into shape for the big birthday party. Just when I felt I had a handle on it all the doorbell rang…three hours before go time. It was one of the older [...]

I Kinda Want To Slay The Dragon

Apparently I don’t have such a knack for the scheduling. I thought this evening would be perfect for the little man’s birthday party. A lot of other folks have thought it would be perfect too…for their own events. Events that I would otherwise like to attend. So I’m missing out on a local Neil [...]

Shock And Awe

Life is full of little surprises. All day yesterday I’d been dreading the afternoon, and it wasn’t a happy kind of dread. I had desperately wanted to see The Owls last night, playing a free outdoor show at the most spectacular venue…and they couldn’t have ordered better weather for it. But two factors caused [...]

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

I’ll be honest, five years ago today I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, I’d spent the previous 40 weeks coming to terms with the idea of motherhood, and reading parenting books of all stripes, but nothing could have prepared me for the reality of it all. From the tears [...]

Rock And Roll Confidential

The other night I was too tired to be productive, but sleep was still eluding me. Kiddie corner from one another on our computers, the husband scoffed after he witnessed me wasting an hour or so…perusing this gallery of bad band photos, and he cringed each time I guffawed while doing so (the captions [...]

Mommy’s Little Monster

I’m such a lightweight. My earlier dose of allergy meds pretty much left me incapacitated. All I could do was lie on the couch in the computer room as the little man did a convincing imitation of his mother…by making use of two computers at once. I’m still a bit fuzzy, but I have [...]

It’s Not The Fall That Kills You, It’s The Landing

On this Monday I am… …worried about Barrett and his mom, but don’t know what to say. …disgusted that, in Baghdad, carrying nothing more dangerous than a microphone is enough to get working journalists killed, by Americans, yet here, in the U.S., Americans can legally begin buying assault weapons. Today cynicism prevails. In trivial [...]

This Is Me Breathing

Friday morning I was scanning the news. There was a headline that looked familiar, but it was a story I hadn’t bothered to follow…not knowing then how it related to me. For whatever reason I decided to read it, an act that unexpectedly brought to light new information regarding my friend’s death in July.
Zell [...]

We Have Lift Off

The little man is on his way to school. When the bus pulled up he started running for it, full bore. Now I too must haul ass…to meet a client deadline. Lucky for me I’m fully caffeinated and listening to Radio K. But I am going to be hella pissed off if this Neil [...]