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Monthly Archives: September 2004

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

Earlier the husband and I were forging ahead with the yard work, while the little man played nearby. Before long he was joined by one of the neighbor boys, who, at one point turned to me with a shit-eating grin on his face, and matter-of-factly said “so, I heard he (gesturing towards the little [...]

To Be Left Behind Stirs Such Anger And Hopelessness

Today our neighbor friend started school, as did many of the neighborhood children. But the little man did not. I thought he would. I was prepared, psyched, even, for him to start school today. Alas, our district is strange…and the programs for younger children, like the school readiness classes and kindergartens, do not commence [...]

Manual Labor On Labor Day

The stairs weren’t enough. This afternoon, after working one of his jobs, the husband decided to do some yard work…and I joined him. That was a first. Which was obvious, by the condition our yard was in when we started. I found myself ripping out weeds taller than I am (with root systems the [...]

Stairway To Hell

My weekend started off well enough. Kicked it off by meeting up with an old friend Saturday morning. And by old, I mean the person, other than my Dad, who I have been in continuous contact with the longest. We were classmates from pre-school through our senior year of high school.

And, as with [...]

Year Four: The Triwizard Tournament And More

Just checking the local movie listings to see what’s playing at the cheap seats, and what do I find? Our very own rundown Roseville 4 claims to be showing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That would be one heckuva sneak peek, considering it’s still in production. And the release date is slated [...]

Holy Haberdashery, Batman!

I’m afraid to leave the house today. Not because of the blazing heat, or the fresh memory of yesterday’s disastrous outing to the beach, with the little man dragging me along on his hellish emotional rollercoaster ride. No, today we’re waiting on the UPS delivery person. The little man’s fifth birthday is just around [...]

The Future Isn’t What You Thought. It’s What I Am!

Very high ragweed levels, plus a restless little man who took over my bed around 1am, combined with me not being able to put down the book I’d started earlier in the day (until I’d finished it) adds up to one sorry looking, hungover feeling mama…in dire need of distraction. Thankfully our local library [...]